We like to be the magician who modestly blends in with your crowd, to make your dreams come true.

How Fitchd was founded

We are Fitchd, a company where we think in pictures. We came to life last spring but in reality we have been around much longer. The concept was born in 2018. Floris, the founder of Fitchd, was travelling around the world at the time, capturing events from Myanmar to the Americas. He loved his work as a photographer and had a passion for the fine details others often missed.

Despite the beautiful places he visited, the work sometimes felt lonely. As a photographer you are often your own island, which is hard when you are a team player by nature and a people person. The nicest assignments were those where there was room for collaboration with other makers: photographers, video makers and writers. Creatives, but also simply people with a curiosity for imagery.

The seed was planted when a chance to create a team for a few big projects came up in 2019. One engaged 18 photographers in 18 countries for a big client project, the other brought 10 people together with their unique expertises for a large exhibition. These were dream assignments for which people who mostly have to rely on themselves, came together as one team. Fitchd was born out of the experience that this type of collaboration enhances results. Like a basket, where the interwoven strands symbolize cooperation, strength and creation. Our name is no coincidence: ‘fitching’ is a traditional technique of weaving baskets. The vertical strands on their own are not very strong. But as you weave in the horizontal strands, the whole piece becomes very hard to break.

Hospitality is also part of the foundation of Fitchd. Making people happy and taking their worries away are big values for us. We are not only innovative makers, but your loyal and trusted partner in creating imagery that gives people goosebumps. This has been the special key to our success for years. Clients have turned into partners and partnerships into friendships. We like to be the magician who modestly blends in with your crowd, to make your dreams come true.

We value our makers as much as we value our clients. This is essential to our work. And this is why we want to continuously invest time in the fantastic network of makers around the world, help each other, nurture and inspire so that we create more beauty for you as a client. At Fitchd we strive to be accessible, progressive and sophisticated. Let’s create better together.

Floris and Devan, with a tablet in hand, looking at a screen.
Fitchd teammembers named Floris and Inge standing in front of a plant.

The friendly faces behind Fitchd: