Our manifest

Let’s create a better together

Our ‘Create (a) better together’ is about more than just working together. We believe that collaboration enhances beautiful outcomes. Our vision is that joint efforts can shape a more sustainable future for everyone. If we all share and help one another regardless of location, the possibilities to create are infinite.
The current technological possibilities break through any borders allowing creators from different continents to work as if they were sitting in the same studio. This allows us to bridge those physical gaps, creating, curating and working together from anywhere in the world on client projects.

Black man speeches with book in hand and blue background during show
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We want to reengage with local creators and empower them as much as we can.

Invested in the future of imagery.

We care for our people. They are our most important assets, regardless of how strongly we feel AI breathing down our necks. Luckily it is still true in most cases that there’s no image without a maker.

Co-creation is only possible if you are willing to share. Our success depends on the people we work, just as much as they depend on us. This is why we are invested in the future of imagery as well as that of our industry. And of the world we live in, where we can.

Many photographers and video makers travel the world, often following trailblazing artists. This is a privilege and they can be proud of their talent. Their images circle the world and their makers with them. There is a downside to this. We feel a growing need to export our knowledge rather than only our services. We would like to invest back in others, after years of harvesting the fruits of our work and success. We want to help local image makers to build a solid business for themselves and equally important, see their communities benefit from it.

Another advantage of this is that it will stop us from circling around the planet and reducing our footprint on it.

As an agency we want to have a positive impact on our imagery makers, industry and beyond. We want to touch people’s emotions, inspire the industry and be a force for good. We strive to support our network of creatives in their development and work towards a fair and proportionate payment for their work.

Our core values


We believe in authentic relations and like to inspire our clients and partners to explore new possibilities together. We have a strong desire to run a transparant and honest business.


We believe in innovation and continuously aim to improve and renew what we do and how we do it. Innovations such as AI and Midjourney are things we embrace rather than fear.


We love to create stories together. We want to offer you a palette of possibilities around imagery and bring your identity and values to life.


We strive to be relatable, understanding that it is easier to connect with something or someone you see yourself in.

We want to become the world's most impactful imagery agency, touching people emotionally, driving the industry forward and making a positive impact on society and the environment.

House with a mossy roof on the Faroe Islands. Overlooking a lake with a dark cloud hanging over it. Grass plumes in the foreground.