Nespresso boutique in Amsterdam with a wooden bar combined with wooden tables in front of a Rembrandt artwork

Nespresso is one of those clients that fit us like a glove. As the brand does not need explanation (I mean, who doesn’t know the Clooney commercials), we are proud to help them in filling their channels with great imagery.

For a brand like Nespresso, creating visuals that resonate is of the utmost importance. Our global network of creators allows us to offer them a wide range of imagery.

We service them with all kinds of visuals, whether this means taking new portraits of the country management or creating a nice project video. We help Nespresso with the photography of their Dutch boutiques, 360 photos, and also footage from their brand activations (in collaboration with Kumpany).

Nespresso boutique in Amsterdam with a concrete floor, wooden bar and chairs and green planted wall
Nespresso boutique in Amsterdam with a green planted wall that says Circularity
The wooden bar of the Amsterdam Nespresso boutique with a background of Nespresso Cups
Nespresso boutique in Amsterdam with a colored wall filled with Nespresso cups

La Terraza at Lowlands Festival

One of our favourite assignments of the year: La Terraza at Lowlands Festival, the Nespresso brand activation, and a real hit for several years now! This multi-story activation is the go-to spot for festivalgoers to unwind with a coffee (or coffee cocktail) on one of the terraces or at the highest point at Lowlands.

We have the privilege of overseeing the visuals for this exciting brand activation, crafted by the masterminds at Kumpany. These images are making waves worldwide, because they are nothing short of spectacular.

Nespresso activation at Lowlands with a large cocktailbar
Two women drinking an Espresso Martini cocktail at Lowlands
Blond woman with glasses on at Lowlands drinking a latte coffee of Nespresso
White box that is an activation of Nespresso on Lowlands. Loads of people walking on the grass while the sun is shining
Person using the Nespresso app during Lowlands. Looking at a screen with a picture whith the Lowlands wristband on
Female employee of Nespresso holding a cup of coffee in the Nespresso Boutique
Large booth at a tradeshow or exhibition for Nespresso

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