Brainport contacted us last year to help out on a video production as part of a campaign. The aim of the total campaign was to create worldwide awareness about the Brainport region and its many pro’s as a home to pioneers.
Brainport Eindhoven is a top technology region and a fine place to live, work and play. Pioneering is in their blood. The world's most complex and advanced machines, products and innovations are invented and made in the region. This region 'only' consists of 21 municipalities with over 800,000 inhabitants. So small in size, but huge in impact.

We joined forces for this one with Nadia ten Wolde, photographer and creative.

We sat down with them and discussed strategy. The 'we' in this story is us joining forces with Nadia ten Wolde, a creative and photographer who had previously worked for Brainport and is well-acquainted with their operations. Their aspiration was to develop a concept for a new series of five campaign videos, titled 'More than a Job in Tech.'

It began as a script revolving around two strangers meeting and discussing five different topics related to living in the Brainport region. One of them is a pioneer, arriving from abroad to work in the Brainport region, while the other is a native who has lived in the area for many years. Although the two initially seemed different, the goal was for them to discover, during the conversation, whether they had more in common than one might expect. The result was five videos covering topics such as settling in as an international, work culture, connection and community, family support, and diversity and inclusion. These interviews aimed to provide a more in-depth look into what it is like to live and work in the Brainport region.

In a very short timeframe, we translated their ideas into a feasible plan and produced this video series with them. This involved the concept, script, and visual guidance. All five videos were recorded in just one day, while the editing process took several weeks. Due to the international audience, there was a need for various formats, and all videos needed to be subtitled. The campaign is set to reach over 100,000 viewers and attract more expats.

We were impressed by the Brainport team, which provided gave us valuable insights, and their creative views on strategy were always spot on. We are proud and thankful to have been able to participate in this project.

Some behind the scenes of this great production:

Special thanks to the entire team

Production: Nadia ten Wolde, Floris Heuer
Concepting: Rik Verhalle - Brainport
Projectmanagement: Nicole Zwetsloot Brainport
Copywriter & Content Manager: Karla Pérez Brainport
Videoteam: Rainier van Ijzendoorn
BTS photos: Dante van Rijn

Curious to see all of the video's, check out Brainport's Youtube channel.

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