Palmesus is the biggest beach party in Scandinavia. Providing tens of thousands of annual attendees with the weekend of a lifetime on the South Norwegian coast. We have been there for some years now, providing the organizers with a fully equipped and top notch team of photographers. Every year, we aim to raise the bar further.

Top notch media production

The media production at Palmesus requires military precision. Imagery, ranging from partners to headlining artists, is in high demand and because they’re on top of the market, content needs to be real time and  the quality at its absolute best.
We provide the festival with a team of photographers, all with their own specialty. Because of the range of things that need coverage, we need both commercial photographers as well as creators working with the biggest artists globally. All of these disciplines require a different approach and we’re happy to deliver on that promise.

Top-tier photo production with a specialized team of photographers for swift and high-quality content delivery

Realtime processing of imagery

A lot of footage is already delivered during the festival, enabling the brand marketing team to share in real time.
Delivering footage is a well produced operation. Imagery is curated and uploaded with precise filenaming and metadata to ensure processing is as smooth as possible. All in all an intense annual weekend but we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a client.


creating a consistent style of imagery for your own brand

Visual coherence

For Palmesus we created total visual coherence. We have done so by putting together a team of international photographers, all with their own respective background stories. Yet, their styles match well which ensures consistency in output.
For a project like this we brief extensively. Going in depth on do's and don'ts and the type of imagery we are looking for.

Created better together

Our team consists mostly of Norwegian photographers. Young talent as well as the best festival photographers in the country. By taking young talent on to the team we contribute in growing local industries and empower them to learn and develop. For us it's a way to invest in the future of photography. We're proud to work with this great team!

festival team
festival photography and videography

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