RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam building on a sunny day

As the biggest conference and event  venue in the Netherlands, there is never a dull moment at the RAI. They host exhibitions, shows and other events and it’s almost a city on its own. They even have the largest production kitchen in the country.

The RAI, where each day marks a new experience. Our diverse imagery brings the dynamism of this city of events to life.

One of our most versatile clients

We have provided the RAI with a wide variety of photo, video and strategic services for a number of years. There’s just too much to mention here. We recently created a large amount of new photography: for communications purposes; we portrayed their management; we did extensive work around their (amazing and award-winning) kitchen staff.

People walking in front of RAI Amsterdam during an exhibition on a sunny day with promotional items outside
Blue flags of RAI Amsterdam standing up tall

The Horecava

One of our all-time favourite projects is the Horecava exhibition, the largest food and drinks trade show in the country. Some 70.000 people attend annually. Back in the days, they needed a lot of photo and video but every department sourced this by themselves. In 2019 we started developing a new media team for them. Bringing all of these disciplines together in one team, and providing that much needed content in a new and efficient way. Most importantly, we delivered a completely new standard of imagery.
There’s just too much to mention when it comes to this client, but we’re always thrilled to work with them.

A large colorful stand for Lipton at an exhibition at RAI Amsterdam
Blond woman with black clothes touching plates during the Horecava exhibition at RAI Amsterdam
Winners of cooking contest wearing white clothes holding a trophy during Horecava at RAI Amsterdam
Three men holding a pizza peel while baking bread at RAI Amsterdam
Group of photographers and videographers during Horecava at RAI Amsterdam wearing dark clothes and are having fun

From campaigns and portraits to events and food photography, we do it all for RAI Amsterdam.

New image bank

This year alone, we have worked on a campaign around service staff, created new portraits of the entire kitchen and F&B team and helped out on several trade shows including Greentech. Since 2022 RAI has been working on a new image bank. We support them in creating this by delivering great imagery with a large number of creators from within our network. Photographing an event very well is a completely different ball game from taking captivating portraits of people. Last but surely not least, we curate all of this footage. As far as we're concerned, a great series of photos is a well curated series. Meaning: quality over quantity, always.

Two people looking at a floorplan during Greentech at RAI Amsterdam
A yellow, green and blue sticker on the floor at RAI Amsterdam
Lots of people walking on a yellow floor during the exhibition at RAI Amsterdam
Lots of people sitting in a half circle listening to a plenary speaker standing in the middle while looking at a screen

The basement chefs

Surprisingly, not many are aware that the RAI houses the largest production kitchen in the country. It's truly immense, with the capacity to orchestrate F&B operations on a scale beyond imagination. The basement chefs working in the kitchen are awarded for their culinary skills, and we've had the privilege to capture that on numerous occasions.

Chef wearing a blue shirt and hat is picking up green and brown vegetables from the garden
Two male chefs wearing a blue and white shirt smiling over the counter
Red wine pouring in a glass at the Basement Chiefs
Two basement chefs plating a dish with colorful vegetables wearing black and white clothes

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