Buffel Outdoor

Buffel Outdoor is the outdoor company in the Netherlands. In close collaboration with a few partners, among which ANWB, they are focussed on providing active outdoor holidays for families throughout Europe. For many years we have delivered imagery to the company of all of these different locations, enabling them to communicate effectively in their own visual language.

The challenge

As a company, Buffel Outdoor is focused on creating experiences for the whole family.
Until some years ago the company did not have sufficient high quality imagery. This meant a constant search for footage to communicate with and visualize what they do. If you sell great experiences, you need great imagery to make that story come to life. 

We have been able to help them create an extensive new image bank filled with assets from locations all over Europe where they provide their experiences. We ensured a consistent look & feel where the company is always recognizable.

Buffel Outdoor, the outdoor company, leverages our imagery for ultimate travel experiences with a distinctive visual signature.

In practice

On a yearly basis we travel to some of their locations once or twice to document their experiences and create new imagery. These get used in their social media, on the website and for their  partners. Equally, you may catch one of their buses or cars on the highway, showcasing large photos on them. It is great to work for a company where our imagery has a great impact on their daily activities.

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