The Food Line-up

Since last  year, we are proud to work for one of the coolest and most creative caterers in the country. We share a similar view  on the world. Create a better together applies to the Food line-up as much as it does to ourselves. Their mission is to have you discover better food that is better for the world. They are hungry for change, as they say themselves.

Together with the team, we explore better food and share visual authenticity.

A different approach on things

The Food Line-up works with a network of chefs, like we are working with a network of creators. So the collaboration is not only tasty but very efficient, since we can provide any of their catering productions with a suitable maker.
In their appearance, the company also likes to do things differently on the visual side. We have put together a team of photographers that suit that mission. The goal is not necessarily to create  picture perfect photos, but rather to create authenticity, joy and playfulness. This is their way of looking at the world and we’re happy to play our part. Perfection in imperfection as we see it.

Art direction

We really love working with and for the Food Line-up. Creativity is king with them and that enables us to go with the flow and just create the way we see fit. Sometimes we're forced to work in dark circumstances, which is slightly more challenging than daylight. Regardless, we always manage to create nice visual candy for them.

Because all of this creative freedom, curating is key. We deliver art direction and provide the team over at the Food Line-up only with the best and tastiest photos, ready to ensure that mouthwatering feel and joyful sensation.

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