We consider the Werkspoorkathedraal to be one of the most stunning venues in the country. If you haven’t been there, you should.
Throughout the year we provide the Werkspoorkathedraal with imagery for many events. Last year, we did a special project for them. More on that below.

A new detail behind every corner

When you enter the venue and the sun is shining, the most stunning light awaits you—a feast for the photographer's eye and, indeed, for everyone else. Throughout the year, Werkspoorkathedraal hosts many events. The venue is used for large corporate events, product presentations, and festivals. One of our personal favorites is Holland Opera, known for their artsy productions with a strong focus on intricate lighting details. They once videomapped the entire venue. Every year, they also host their own 'Werkspoorfestival'—four days of fun, food, and music, providing a fantastic opportunity to experience this remarkable place in person.

How we support them

Because the venue hosts so many different events, we can't offer a one size fits all solution. Therefor, we've put together a team of photographers with who we cover a large portion of these events. During most of their events we bring a special 6m monopad, a 'photomast'. This way we can gain some hight in our shots without having to fly a drone around.

A phrase they often use is: "Werkspoorkathedraal gives you space," and there's no denying that. To illustrate this, we developed a concept to which we invite photographers to contribute. For each event, we capture multiple compositions, photographing the same scene several times with different focal lengths. This approach allows us to transition seamlessly from detailed shots to wide-angle views of the venue and the event.
We'd love to tell you more about this.

Custom image bank

We did a special project for the team back in 2022. We created an entirely new image bank for them to store all those beautiful photos and videos. And not just that. We sat down on strategy and drew up a system for metadata, tailor made for them. This means they will never have to search for photos anymore, because all of their assets are labeled extensively with data. This saves them a great amount of time having to go through hundreds of photos when searching for something specific to illustrate a story, a pitch or an event.

Image bank

Imagine never having to search for photos again.

Would you like that for your company as well?

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