Media production

Large scale media productions is what has shaped the foundation of our 'Create better together philosophy'.

The inception of Fitchd finds its roots in orchestrating large-scale media productions, laying the foundation for our philosophy of 'Create better together.' Since 2019, we've been assisting our clients — brands and organizations — in assembling teams for events or productions.

For us, the essence of a media production lies in the curation of a multidisciplinary team. Together, we create lots of different visuals, embracing the spirit of teamwork that defines our 'Create better together' philosophy.

Media productions are set up in phases.

Phase 1: concept & planning

During this crucial phase, we lay the groundwork for a successful production. We delve into your desires and address questions like "What emotions should the visuals convey?" and the intended purposes of the imagery. Based on these insights, we collaborate with you to develop a concept and storyboard, determine the type of visuals to be used, and carefully select the right visual creators for the production.

Phase 2: pre-production

In the months and weeks leading up to the production, we handle the necessary preparations. We translate the concept and storyboard into briefings, a (video) script, and a shooting schedule. Together with the visual creators, we extensively focus on the 'key visuals' of the event and identify where additional crew may be needed, such as copywriting, makeup, producers, and more. If necessary, we conduct a pre-production site visit to discuss the key visuals. Onwards to a successful production!

Phase 3: production

This is it, the moment of truth. During the event or production days, we collaborate intensively to provide your organization, brand, or company with the most stunning visuals and images. This is what it's all about! We are usually on location early in the morning for setup, a walkthrough, and, most importantly, a calm start with the team. Then comes a focus on working together for a seamless production. Beautiful images are the only logical outcome. We only work with fantastic people. Anything less is not an option. Professional, communicative, and skilled. This way, as a client, you can relax and leave all the worries to us for the day.

Phase 4: post-production

In this phase, we give our feet a break and settle behind our screens. Photos are edited, video footage is assembled, and we provide a meticulously curated set of visuals. This is a crucial part of our process where we aim to offer you a pleasant and efficient experience.

Phase 5: evaluation

We meticulously review our productions, especially when we've brought together large teams of creators. We value your feedback on whether the visuals achieved the desired results, evoking goosebumps among the target audience. Your opinion is of immense importance to us, and we always take it to heart. After all, such a production should leave you wanting more.

We can't wait to blow your mind. How can we help? We'd love to get in touch and discuss opportunities.

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