Different from photography, videography provides a whole range of new experiences.

Videography as the art of storytelling through moving images. It's a dynamic dance between technical skill and creative vision. Behind every frame lies the power to communicate, evoke emotion, and capture the essence of a moment. Different from photography, it provides a whole range of new experiences.  In the world of videography, every shot is a chance to tell a compelling story.

Where many regard videography as a distinct discipline from photography, we prefer to focus on the connecting elements. By bringing together our creators, whether specialized in photos or videos, we strive to create an inspiring atmosphere that encourages a fresh perspective on visuals and the discovery of one's own vision.

This approach results in unique collaborations with ever exciting outcomes. It's not uncommon to find creators skilled in capturing still images who also excel in moving pictures, and vice versa, of course.

With video, we gladly unlock a treasure trove of possibilities for you as a client. Recently, we've executed a variety of video productions, including:

  • An employer branding campaign;

  • A ten-part video series where we followed  the management of a large company live for several days, sharing 3-4 on-site edited videos daily;

  • An informative campaign aiming to raise investments;

  • An aftermovie of a major event;

  • A video campaign promoting the tech region of Eindhoven to an international audience.

    The possibilities are truly endless. Such productions are done in collaboration with talented creators, editors, animators, and other professionals with the desire to collaborate on great projects, just like us.

What does such a project look like?

Video projects are always unique and incredibly diverse. Similar to our other media productions, we commence with an in-depth discussion about your wishes, strategy, and concept.
Based on this, we craft a storyboard, script, and/or a practical and executable plan. We carefully assess which creatives are necessary for this specific project and involve them timely, ensuring they are fully immersed in the objectives.

Throughout the filming day, we adhere to a detailed plan to capture the necessary shots for an impressive video. Subsequently, we dive into the editing process. This is rarely a straightforward process, as there are always custom elements involved. Should subtitles be added, or is there a need for animations due to the nature of the video? These are crucial considerations meticulously thought out in advance.

Of course, there is room for feedback, as we always strive for the very best outcome.

We'd love to show you these projects: