What we do

We specialize in photography and video for your brand, business or event, focussed on visualizing your identity.

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Fitchd is your strategic imagery partner. We specialize in photography and video for your company, brand, product or event. 

We start from a concept rooted in your strategy, goals and values. Then we create and curate imagery and make sure it tells the stories you need to tell. We achieve this by involving you in a creative process we’ve been optimizing for years. Finally, we tap into our unique network of image makers from more than 25 countries around the world. 

We are committed to delivering an integrated mix of strategy, photography, videography and art direction. The goal is to bring to life your brand, organization or company and the ideas built around them. We shape stories and illustrate them with images that reflect your values. 

Every project we work on is tailor-made and we strive for stunning results. A photo or video never stands alone but needs to match profoundly with a larger message that reaches your audience.  Our philosophy is to ‘create better together’ since collaboration elevates every aspect of the work we do. 

We focus on your future and look at how imagery can make a lasting impression on your target audience. We go beyond simply offering images and develop a complete visual language that can bring to life every aspect of your brand, event or organization.

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With your identity and core values as foundation, we curate a visual language that strengthens your brand and resonates with your audience. Your strategy is the roadmap for us to formulate goals in order to integrate visuals into your marketing strategy and match the best creator with you as a client.


We create and develop imagery with the best makers out there, from international campaigns to portrait photography and events. We don’t settle for less than  goosebumps and visuals that uplift your identity.


Videography, as the art of storytelling through moving images, is a dynamic dance between technical skill and creative vision. Behind every frame lies the power to communicate, evoke emotion, and capture the essence of a moment. More dynamic than photography, it offers a whole range of possibilities to put your brand on the stage

Art direction & advice

Art directing is, for us about making things look appealing and ensuring visual coherence. We deliver creative guidance and oversee media productions around your imagery. We conceptualize and execute ideas. With your strategy and identity in mind we tailor visual stories. 

Our client portfolio ranges from small businesses to the most prominent global brands, capturing the essence of diversity and innovation in every collaboration.